Karaite Judaism

(ka-ra-ite Judaism; יהדות קראית yahadut qaraˀit)

Karaite Judaism is Judaism based on the plain meaning of the scriptures. This is in contrast to Rabbinic Judaism which is based on the Pharisaic Oral Law.
Please refer to the below websites for more information.

World Karaite Movement - A quick resource of information for anyone new to Karaite Judaism.

Karaite Jewish University - KJU has received the permission of the Moeseth Hakhamim (Council of Sages), to teach an Introduction to Judaism course. This course may lead to a conversion conducted by the KJA Beth Din that is appointed by the Moeseth Hakhamim.

Universal Karaite Judaism (in Hebrew) An organization handles all of the religious needs of Karaite Jews, who do not receive religious services from the State of Israel which is controlled by the Rabbinic Pharisees who believe in the Oral Law.

The Karaite Jews of America - Based in Daly City, California.

Teachings of Hakham Rekhavi - A collection of writings by Karaite teacher and scholar Meir Rekhavi (Hakham).

Karaite Judaism - Website and teachings of Yochanan Zaqantov (Hazzan). Includes a link to the Karaites yahoo group discussion list.

A Blue Thread - A blog commenting on topics of interest to the Jewish community from a Karaite perspective. A Blue Thread leverages the resources of the entire Karaite Jewish community to become your go-to site to learn about Karaite Judaism, its rich culture and its contributions to Judaism as we understand it today.

Hilkiah Press - Books related to Karaite Judaism by Karaite teacher, scholar, and DSS scholar, Nehemia Gordon.

For those expecting a different website, the previous website you may have been familiar with no longer exists. This website is about the Jewish movement known as Kara'ism. This current web site may expand later, but this current page will be here for now until such time that this website expands.
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